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Colorado Collections Company LLC

At Colorado Collections Company LLC, we are dedicated to you and your collection needs.  We have experience spanning 30 years, with hundreds of satisfied clients.  Our top priorities are providing clients a competitive rate and outstanding service, working with consumer matters through respect and professionalism, and producing tangible results for business sustainability and client satisfaction.

Colorado Collections Company LLC
  • Commission Rate:  Our objective is to help you with Account Recovery Services.  We offer our clients a fair and competitive commission rate that is approximately 10% less than the market average. Over time, this will a huge cost savings and will result in hundreds and thousands of dollars back into your bottom line.
  • Recovery Rate:  We have years of combined experience in credit, collections, customer service, call center supervision and sales, working with consumers regarding both personal and business matters. We treat consumers with respect and work to collect the balance in full, make acceptable payment arrangements, or understand given circumstances and work within the consumer's ability to pay. Colorado Collections Company LLC has the knowledge base, and business tools and resources to produce an outstanding Recovery Rate for your business.
  • Services:  Account representatives are well versed in skip tracing, and using leading web-based industry tools to help locate consumers. We utilize a proven Letter Series to help generate consumer responses.  All phone calls are recorded for quality assurance.  We report monthly to the credit bureau, Equifax, on a monthly basis.  Our defined processes and procedures are proven, consistent, and repeatable, enabling us to have a high probability of success in collecting on your delinquent accounts.