Colorado Collections Company LLC

   You're Trusted Resource for Accounts Receivable and Debt Recovery Services

Upon receipt of your signed contract and listing of consumer records, within 1 - 3 business days, we'll have the required information input into our systems, and initiate the collections process.  We have a defined, repeatable and very effective collection process for phone calls, plus we use a letter series to help produce responses

Colorado Collections Company LLC will first understand your collections processes, objectives and volumes.  Areas of importance are commission rate, recovery rate, customer service, phone call recording, skip tracing and credit bureau reporting.  Based on our discoveries in assessing and qualifying your business and collection needs, Colorado Collections Company will develop a services proposal specific to your requirements.  Our commission rate is below the market by an average of 5%, directly impacting your accounts receivables and bottom line.


With our years of experience in the collections and customer service industries, we are well versed in all aspects of consumer and business collections, and we strive to produce immediate and sustainable results.  Both our monthly Remits Reports and Remits Check are issued on the 15th of each month for the prior month's collections.  The report provides you with all the pertinent details of consumer payments.  A Cumulative/Placement Report is also available to you, upon request.


Assessment and Proposal For Services

About Us:
Colorado Collections Company LLC was formed on July 1, 2013.  We are a licensed collection agency in Colorado and New Mexico.  We own and operate from our office space at 6909 S. Holly Cir #360 – Centennial, CO 80112, and we are an Accredited Business with an "A+ Rating" through the Better Business Bureau.

We are an established company with experienced staff and outstanding company references.  We have defined procedures, and processes.

Our Mission, Values and Vision:

Mission: To be the most ethical and qualify-focused agency within the Collections Industry, and sustain excellence through customer service.

Values: To establish long-lasting and honest relationships through open communication, and to exemplify a commitment of respect and integrity.

Vision: To deliver services which are of great value to our clients, consumers, and employees, and to maintain on-going business growth and quality initiatives within emerging regions and markets.